I’ve climbed mountains on different places around the world, where I always meet new people on the trails. The people I meet climb mountain due to different reasons. Somehow hiking and mountaineering can relate to everyone. I think people climb due to several differences, but here are some reasons I think many climber can narrate too.

I think people climb mountains because it’s healthy. Many people across the world have a job where they often sit in an office, working in front of a computer all day. They work so hard and rarely got time for longer vacations. I’ve been told that you shouldn’t sit for more than 30 minutes before you get up of the chair and due to that people can suffer and develop health-problems because of inadequate physical exercise. Hiking, trekking and climbing in the mountains can be one of the most healthy vacation that can be cheap and easy to plan. Beyond the exercise you will also find other health benefits while climbing. These benefits could be fresh air, friendship and a stress relief in that way as a break from the everyday life.

I think some people climb mountains because they find it as a meditation. While you climb and walk in the beautiful sceneries, you will most likely rest your brain to find a calm that’s hard to find in a modern society. While you rest your brain, your muscles work and all you have to think of is how beautiful our world can be. You don’t need to bring your phone or watch and you can plan the day as you would like. Sleep when you tired or want, eat when you are hungry and take a rest where ever you like.

I think some people climb mountains because they want to connect with other people. During a hike or climb you get to know people in another way then meeting them in a bar or a nightclub. You will quickly learn a lot about a person when they are testing their own limits. The person you then meet, will be the genuine and true person and that’s a good reason to climb mountains.

In the Norwegian mountains, there is a culture of finding people to fall in love with as well. When you hike in the mountains you could meet people with either a green, yellow or red hat that indicates if the person is single, not sure or taken. What a great way to find love for the rest of your life?


  1. I have a son & granddaughter that love mountain climbing & you seem to have hit on many of the good reasons why, ‘cept for the Norwegian love signal hat colors, lol! But what an interesting tidbit, thank u! Love the image of the man absorbing the red sky of sunset (sunrise?) too 😊

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      1. Ahhh. I have seen both, mostly in Vermont, though thinking back (wish I was there now to check, lol!) I do think the sunsets were much more to red and the sunrises, except during the 1st of the 3 twilights, pink to purple. Interesting though. Another miracle of nature! Thanks, Orca 😊


    1. People climb mountains because they are there!
      I guess it’s imprinted in our DNA that we just gotta go up anything that sticks up a tad higher than sea level. Fortunately I never felt this urge and found my fave activities in and on the water, sailing and surfing. Actually I hate being removed fom beaches and open seas for longer than a couple months.


  2. O love being on top of a hill, not in the same league as mountain climbing but for the same reason, to be away from buildings and traffic , enjoy fresh air and look down upon beautiful views. I live the idea of the different colour hats.


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