Outdoor activities has plenty of perks; nice sceneries, fresh air and several health benefits. Research shows that people who spend more time in nature can be up to 50% more creative when it comes to problem-solving tasks. While their is no debate about the health benefits of physical fitness, being outdoor gives plenty additional perks. Regular exercise helps prevent heart disease, improves mood and reduces stress. Hiking outdoor, through a natural environment has the addition of mental health benefits, let’s have a look at them!

Natural mood booster
While you are on adventure or expedition in the wilderness your brain releases neurochemicals. Our brain produce these neurochemicals that turn the pursuits and struggles of life and making us feel happy and satisfied when we achieve them. Along with these great feelings, natural environments helps you reduce your stress level and improving your mood. Your stress relieves by the feeling of being disconnected. When you are out in the woods, mountains or by the coast you can allow yourself to fully disconnect from everything that ties us down in our normal lives such as hectic work schedules, problems or social media sites. Therefore I recommend you to leave behind your worries and troubles and take a hike!

Super fun cardiovascular exercise
Hiking is a great cardio workout that can do wonders. First of all it lower your risk of heart diseases. In additional hiking is a great way to build and strengthen your core. Your core muscles play a huge role in your everyday life. During a hike you will use most of your core muscles such as legs, back and stomach. Core strength plays an important part of preventing injuries and help you with overall fitness.

The freshest air possible
As soon as you get out of the city and the polluted air you can immediately feel the difference. In the nature plants can act as an air purifier, and you can find yourself surrounded by the freshest and cleanest air. The benefit of this is that you allows your body to have a break from the harmful particles in the city. Along with the freshest air you will most likely be surrounded with beautiful sceneries and you will be able to smell the perfume of the flowers.

Stay safe while hiking
While you are out in the woods on hikes it’s important to stay safe. Bring a friend and take care of their health as well. If you hike on unfamiliar or remote trails is clever to bring a friend to help you navigate and can assist if either one of you get hurt. Be sure to check the weather and use this information to dress and pack accordingly. Stay on the marked paths and have a stress relief experience!


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