Hike & Adventure was established in 2018. It was established to be an inspiration source and platform for everyone around our world. Hike & Adventure want to inspire you to use the nature as a playground, free space, learning arena and a socialization arena. Outdoor activities has plenty of perks; staggering sceneries, fresh air and several health benefits. Throughout this blog, I want to encourage you to spend more time offline and spending time in the nature!

The only person behind this blog is myself, Joachim Bundli Andresen. I’m born and raised in Norway, just outside the capital Oslo. I’m currently a student, to become a teacher. I want to become a teacher to be able to take part in children’s life and make a difference. I want to give them all the opportunities to develop and educate their abilities. I want to teach them to have good values like taking care of each other, taking care of the environment and meeting every new person with an open mind. I want to unleash every children’s potential! I will complete my studies in May this year!

My biggest dream so far is to climb the highest mountain on each continent, the seven summits. I called this project, “Seven summits – Above the clouds”. So far I’ve been to Kilimanjaro in Africa and Elbrus in Europe. In December 2019 I will try to climb Aconcagua in South America. Follow me on my journey to Denali in North America, Mount Everest in Asia, Vinson in Antartica!

I spend a lot of time in our nature, I call the mountains my home. I hike, trek and climb mountains across the different continents. Along my trips I get to know people with a wide range of culture, and I attend to the school of life. When I’m not on adventure across our world, I do a lot of sports. I love sports! I’ve been riding a BMX bike for almost 10 years and competing in different countries. I also love the ocean, and I’ve been windsurfing and kiting for several years. In additional I also want to try new sports, just like I did when I started with unicycling!

9 thoughts on “WHO IS HIKE & ADVENTURE?

  1. Good luck on your 7 summits quest. I feel exactly the same way you do about the outdoors. I come alive and am at peace when I’m in the mountains, even if I’m doing something that is totally challenging for me I still find peace in that struggle and being in nature. I live in CO where we have 54 peaks at 4000 meters give or take a few meters. I am on a mountain rescue team and love being able to help people having really bad days in the mountains. Love your blog and the photos. Keep on keeping on as we say in the US. Norway is one of my favorite countries ever 🙂


    1. Thank you Lexi! It’s great to hear that we are like minded, and feel the freedom of spending time outdoors! It’s sounds you are in heaven with all the peaks and mountains in your area. The highest we have in Norway is just 2600 meters, located far away from me. How interesting to be a part of a rescue team. I guess you gain a lot of experience, and an important help to those have a bad day, or not enough prepared! Let me know when you travel to Norway, I can write you a guide of all the places you must visit.

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      1. Oh thanks … that would be fantastic. Being on the team for 15 years I have learned so much that has helped me be a better, safer mountaineer and it is a great way to give back to the world in some way. Yes many people are definitely ill-prepared for what they are attempting but sometimes things just happen as well. Glad we can be there for them no matter what the situation. Cheers.

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