It’s been 1 year since the first published article, happy birthday to Hike & Adventure. The adventure began while I lived in Nepal, working as a teacher in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. I’ve always found the nature and our world as a playground, and I never stop exploring. Let’s have a look on the first year of Hike & Adventure.

I lived in Nepal for some moths, working as a teacher. Nepal offer an adventure on each corner and you will never be bored in this mighty mountain country. Some days I wanted to experience something I never had experienced before. I managed to buy two doves, to set them free. Why keep #animals in #captivity? Let them explore the world and have as many adventures they would like?

When I was in Nepal, I also visited Chitwan National Park, trying to track down a wild tiger! I came across this man and thought of that work provides our family and pays our bills and adventures. Through our work, we use our talents and strengths who we are born with, experiences and learned through education. There are so many different ways to provide for our loved ones and finding work as a happy element in life could be important. I came across this man on an adventure in a national park in #Nepal, and this sight reminded me of that working hard is also loving what you are doing. Working as a canoe guide for him looked like a joyous element in his life, smiling and whistling along the river, while spotting animals such as crocodiles and bengal tigers, what an adventure?

The adventures was endless in Nepal. The clouds have always made me enthusiastic. The feeling of being above them or even better walk in them, make me feel marvellous. Throughout this story, you can take a major part in my newest adventure of peak climbing. I want to share my adventure to Mera Peak situated 6,461 meters above sea level in Himalaya with you. Welcome aboard on an adventure over the clouds and in the deep valleys in Nepal. Have a look at this adventure, Mera Peak.

The adventure was over in Nepal for this time. I moved back to Norway, Oslo to complete my education as a teacher. After my final exams I had to explore Russia, and went for a Mount Elbrus climb. The highest mountain in Europe, Mt. Elbrus. You find this mighty mountain in the Caucasus-mountains, on the border to Georgia. A mountain where the weather changes rapidly from clear skies to thunderstorms in a minute!

After half a year, always living in a backpack, I settle for a couple of weeks in Northern Norway. I’ve spent the last weeks in Northern Norway. I’ve been living in a fishing settlement called Gjesvær. Gjesvær is located on an island, Magerøya, and it’s located close to the Northernmost place in Europe. Here are some of the photos I got during my adventure! Which one is your favorite?

The autumn arrived slowly in Norway. The winter will slowly take control over the mountains. A cold and dark period is arriving, but also a beautiful season. During winter, rivers and waterfalls freeze to a beautiful halt, and vast forests bend under the weight of snow. The first National Park in Norway was Rondane. When you get above the tree line at this location, you are greeted by endless expanses of heather. Be surrounded by the majestic mountains or climb on top of them!


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