The Seven Summits represent the highest mountain in each of the seven continents. The seven highest peaks has become a goal for climbers around the world, and the mountaineering accomplishments that are more impressive than successfully climbing them is difficult to find. The Idea of climbing the highest mountain was hatched by American Richard Bass. He accomplished all of the expeditions in 1983.

My biggest dream in life is to climb the Seven Summits and do this accomplishment just like Richard Bass. The reason for this adventure comes down to one key in life, belief. With believe and trust in yourself during demanding task, I think you could achieve all you want in life. To achieve the highest mountain on each continent of the world you must be dedicated, motivated and filled with a great passion. These elements in life, are heading me towards this achievement.


The Seven Mighty Mountains

South America: Aconcagua 22,829 ft / 6962 m
Asia: Mount Everest 29,029 ft / 8848 m
North America: Denali 20,320 ft / 6194 m
Africa: Kilimanjaro 19,340 ft / 5895 m
Europe: Mount Elbrus 18,510 ft / 5642 m
Antarctica: Mount Vinson Massif 16,067 ft / 4897 m
Australia: Mount Kosciusko 7,310 ft / 2228 m

Mount Everest
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. The mountain is located in the Mahalangur part of the Himalayas. The summit of the highest mountain on Earth straddles the border separating Tibet and Nepal. In Nepal, the mountain is known as Sagarmathata, “Goddess Of The Sky”. The mountain is believed to be over 60 millions years old, and the home of the Yeti. It’s a long way to reach the summit and altitude sickness, weather and wind are the major roadblocks to making the summit.

Aconcagua is located in Argentina, in the province of western Mendoza. The mountain is a part of the Andes mountain range, on the border with Chile. The mountain is an extinct volcano. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in both Southern and Western Hemispheres. The name of the mountain is believed to be translated as the “stone sentinel”.  The wildlife on the mountain is concentrated below 4000m, where you can find many varieties of birds.

Denali is the highest mountain in North America, and located in south-central Alaska. Once called Mount McKinley, but the native Koyukon Athabascan people call the mountain Denali, which can be translated to “The Great One.” The mountain is classified as an extremely challenging expedition. This is due to the severe cold weather which makes the acclimating very difficult. Because of it’s location far up in the north, Denali has lower barometric pressure than the world’s other high mountains.

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania in east Africa. In Swahili Kilimanjaro means hard mountain to conquer. It is a giant stratovolcano that began forming about a million years ago. The mountain is the highest mountain in all Africa in additional also the highest freestanding mountain we find on our planet. It’s been said that a Kilimanjaro climb is like traveling from the equator to the North Pole.  When you are climbing this mountain, you go through the rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and arctic climate zones.

Mount Elbrus
Mount Elbrus is an inactive volcano located in the western Caucasus mountain range in Russia. Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe. You find this mighty mountain in the Caucasus-mountains, on the border to Georgia. Elbrus has two different peaks where the west peak is slightly higher than the east peak. The mountain has a mythological history. In the Greek mythology, Zeus chained Prometheus to the mountain as a punishment for stealing from his brother.

Mount Kosciusko
Kosciusko is located in the main range of New South Wales in Australia. The mountain hides itself in Kosciusko National Park, which is part of the Australian Alps National Parks. This park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1977 for the many unusual alpine plants and animals. Kosciusko is the highest mountain on the Australian continent.

Mount Vinson
Massif Mount Vinson is the highest mountain in Antarctica. It is located on the southern part of  Antarctica in the Ellsworth Mountains. The mountain is far away from the South Pole, making the mountain remote and difficult to get to. Due to the summit’s remoteness the climb has a high price tag, and only about 1,000 people has climb to the summit.

8 thoughts on “THE SEVEN SUMMITS

    1. I just have a great time reading your Carstenz trip! It sounds like an adventure, but it’s so expensive! How did you manage it? I’ve also done some research of that climb, and it sounds difficult to get across the rainforest without any problems along the way such as tribes, and police.


      1. I see, thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking around for companies, but they charged up to 26’900 USD. I will have a look at the guys you had your adventure with! Great video of the climb on youtube!


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