During my adventures in the mountains and expeditions, I often sleep in a tent during the night. Some campsites are better than others. Campsites can be high above sea level where you can marvel down on the clouds, some are deep in the valleys where you can see the shadows from the trees grow big in the light of the moon. Here are my best campsites so far this year, from the bottom to the top!

Basecamp Elbrus, Russia
Elbrus is a sleeping stratovolcano, located in the European part of Russia. You find this mighty mountain in the Caucasus-mountains, on the border to Georgia. Basecamp is situated 4000 meters above sea level. From the campsite you can see over to Georgia, and all the peaks that is located in the Caucasus area. The panoramic view is stunning, where you can see how quickly the clouds travel and change. Read the hole adventure from Elbrus.

Galdhøpiggen, Norway
Jotunheim is often describes as the home of the giant mountains of Norway. This is a heart of all the majestic and highest peaks in Norway. A campsite in the deep valleys is memorable. At this campsite you will look up towards the sky to view the peaks that is rising around you. In Spiterstulen you will be surround by the mountains and listen to the snow and ice that has melted from the peaks around you. It’s a perfect spot to build a campfire and listen to the music of nature, meet likeminded people and relax.

Barafu – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
The last campsite before Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro is called Barafu. This campsite is located on an elevation of 4673 meters above sea level. You are located in an arctic climate zone with only rocks and sand around you. You can marvel down on the clouds and just wait for the sunset ceremony, it’s a breathtaking beauty of nature. Read about my Kilimanjaro climb.

High camp, Mera Peak, Nepal
Mera peak has two basecamps before attempting the summit on the mountain. The campsite on the basecamp was beautiful but, in the high camp you will experience a campsite you never experienced before. Located at 5800 meters above sea level the campsite is nestled behind a large rock outcrop. This is one of the most glorious viewpoints I ever been to. With a panorama that takes in Makalu, Chamlang from the east, while you view the Everest, south face of Lhotse and Nuptse towards west. Tenting in these surroundings and listening to the wind and look across untracked glaciers will remain as my highlight of my expedition. Read the complete adventure, Mera Peak.

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